Tired of looking for an experienced relief vet who cares?


I’m Dr. Carlyn Zylstra!

I’m a friendly and enthusiastic small animal relief veterinarian in Seattle, Washington. I have:

  • 8 years of veterinary experience
  • 4 years of emergency experience
  • 4 years of general practice experience
  • 4 years of experience teaching interns (my passion!)
  • a DEA license and USDA accreditation in Washington
  • licenses to practice in Washington and Alaska
  • extra interest in behavior + client communication
  • professional liability insurance

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If you have any questions, contact me.

i’ll keep your clients + staff happy

your trust is a big deal.

Your business is precious to you. That’s why I prioritize:

  • fitting in with your hardworking team
  • treating owners with the utmost respect
  • soothing your patients like they were my pets
  • respecting your protocols and standards



“Staff ask me all the time, can we hire her as a full time associate DVM?”

What can our team say about Dr. Zylstra? She is engaging and empathetic to our clients, she is trustworthy and fun spirited with our staff. We can count on her to always show up and do so on time and complete her records prior to leaving at the end of scheduled shifts. Thankfully she remains our number 1 go to for relief work.

Daphney Newston, clinic administrator

“Dr. Zylstra brings such a positive energy and wealth of knowledge to our clinic.”

She has an old school work ethic that is priceless. Our staff is always wanting to know when she’s on the schedule next! It is a pleasure to have her!

Dr. Lee Miles, clinic co-owner

details, details


Licenses, insurance and more

1. Washington state license
2. Alaska state license
3. DEA license
4. USDA accreditation (Washington)
5. Professional liability insurance
6. Health insurance
7. American Veterinary Medical Association membership


1. Undergraduate degree: Washington State University (2008, B.S., Neuroscience)
2. Veterinary degree: Washington State University (2012)
3. Post-graduate training: Internship, Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle (2012-2013)

Teaching experience

I taught interns for about 4 years while working as a staff ER doctor at Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle. I loved the opportunity to teach fourth year students visiting the hospital or high school/undergraduate students who were considering a career in veterinary medicine.

In-home hospice experience

I know that for chronically ill patients, owners often prefer housecalls and in-home euthanasia. If this is a service you offer, I am ready to soothe your clients and patients in their home environments.

questions? need a quote? 

Drop me a line. I’m happy to help!

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You can also email me at zylstravet@gmail.com.


enjoy these tidbits.

I'd be an Olympian if:

there was a sport based on “The Office” trivia. Seriously, I’m like the Michael Phelps of fictional Scranton. Go ahead, try to stump me!

I ran with the bulls in:

Pamplona, Spain. Yes, really! I also walked the Camino de Santiago, a roughly 500 mile pilgrimage from southwestern France to northwestern Spain.

I love any activity that involves:

water. Among my favorite things are swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing… Though I’m not too good at that last one!

I spend my vacations:

traveling. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the coast or the mountains, a week-long road trip in our van-turned-makeshift-camper, or an international adventure, I’ll always jump at a chance to explore. If I can, I love to chat with locals to find out what makes them excited about their home.

I found my cat in:

the local surfboard rental shop. (Her name is Surfboard.) I also have another kitty named Gumbo and a lab mix named Stella.